I Got an Online Business Idea That Made Me Quit my Job

I quit! Feels good saying that out loud, isn’t it? If you have a natural resistance for the 9 to 5 work day, you are a natural born entrepreneur. Or lazy. However, let’s talk about online business ideas that will get your dream come true. In these days internet technology is making everything much easier so internet entrepreneurs can final realize their online business ideas.

What is your greatest internet business idea? Think about it. Then do some more thinking, yet, let’s plan your way out of the 9-5 job and the company on a smart way so your ideas can start doing business online. I`ll share three things that you must consider before quitting your job.

Don’t quit right away

Let’s be real, there is a high portion of internet entrepreneurs that fail in the first few months – you have to play this smart if you are still dependent on your work place. Once you go through the first year, you are on the right path in online business.

Start realizing your internet business idea and entrepreneur endeavors as a part time thing on the very beginning, this way you’ll have time to face some of the obstacles and learn more about your niche so you can get the upper hand.


Taxes are ‘abstract’ thing, but they are following you to the path of success. When revenues gets bigger, taxes large as well and that is a huge drawback for any online business or internet entrepreneur that has just started to realize his idea. Taxes can be a huge obstacle between you, the entrepreneur, and your online business idea – but they must be taken as part of any business process.


You are starting an internet business, therefor, you must create a strong foundation once starting and base your online business idea on these principles. Secure everything and design a customer database, do market research and provide value to the customers.

Make sure you create a business that is reachable for your customers, and they will always get back to you with loyalty. Create online presence on various channels in order to promote your online business idea and service, or product. Social media is always the place where you can find more leads or hear your costumers opinion, and blogs are the places where you can deliver the message and create value, or promote your internet business vision and mission.